The Society for Unraveling the Eyeless Blonde Conspiracy


At SUSBEC, we have compiled the largest database of these mysterious eyeless blondes that has ever been attempted. We are studying these characters in hopes of finding the common link and therefore unraveling just what is it about these blondes? What are they hiding? What is their true nature? Painful experiments should begin soon.

Case Study #0009


Not seen: "Slick" is selling his soul in this shot.
A shady character, often referred to only as "Slick," has been known to engage in a complete and total Sinfest. He is the most obviously morally bankrupted case study, having been observed on several occasions attempting to sell his soul to Satan, attacking geshea sluts, and general pimping. During it all, his soulless eye sockets remain permanently hidden behind dark shades, which seem to hover like a mask without support in his nefarious "pimp-ninja" persona. Both the age and actual name of this case study remain shrouded in conspiracy. He appears he could be anywhere from 6 years old to 25. Fortunately, repeated surveilence has shown that "Slick" has a larger ego than influence. The danger level associated with "Slick" is unclear, but believed to be low.

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