Nukees Reviewzies

(Reviews of Nukees and Interviews with yours truely)

Interested in what other people have to say about Nukees? Why? Is someone else's opinion going to influence your level of enjoyment of Nukees? Really? How sad. Wow. Geez. Get some help.

  • An interview in PRISM, the magazine for the American Society of Engineering Education. You'll have to scroll down to read it, as I'm the second article in their "On Campus" section. (I asked them to put a tag in the HTML, so now this link will go straight to the article).

  • A cool review by some guy named Steve. I am "Good Read #24." He likes Cerebus and Sandman, so I know I'm in good company over there. I only got three smileys from him, but that's how many Kevin and Kell got, so that's fine with me. My favorite line from his review is: "Nukees began as a very, very crudely drawn strip and has advanced to being a fairly crudely drawn strip..."
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