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Rant #1

I don't know if I'm going to start writing "rants" like other webcartoonists now, but I felt something I said on Cartoonist's Day this year needed some expounding. Therefore...

My Final Word on the Matter of Begging until 2002.

First, you should update yourself on the arguement. It started with:

A sane, reasonable, grown man might choose to leave well enough alone at this point, but I am none of those things. Well, I mean, I am a man. Stop putting words into my mouth!

Anyway, I just felt like briefly following up, wrapping up, and shutting up.

First, though, I've received a lot of email on the issue, from both sides of this coin we are all fighting over. Rather than reprint it all, I thought a good summary would be to present one example of the attitude from both sides:

I'm kidding about "those that are wrong," of course. It's a different viewpoint, that's all. What I responded to each is also included.

So, all caught up?

My final say on the matter will come as one last bullet point list, for brevity, just so you're all caught up:

  • Kevin Pease is a great cartoonist and I respect his opinion and his comic, and I think he still reads Nukees and everything's cool between us, so don't worry that we're going to have a knife fight at ComicCon or anything.
  • I knew it was asking for trouble to challenge Kevin in the area of sarcasm, but I just couldn't resist the PBS as a defense to a "sustainable model."
  • If you are "not begging, but instead just offering a way for readers to support your strip at their request," then you shouldn't worry about anything I say. If you honestly think something I say will cost you money, then maybe you should think about why you have that link on your page.
  • Kevin doesn't have ads on his page. He is asking for money in return. We will soon offer a subscription-based way of surfing Keenspot without ads. We will ask for money in return. What's the difference? I would like to compare notes with Kevin in 2002. If he's still getting a decent amount of money by then, he can decide an embarrassing punishment for me.
  • Pay attention to what happens to sites who say they won't get obnoxious with their begging when they get popular enough that they have to start paying for their bandwidth.
  • It's up to you to decide what kind of economy and environment you want to see flourish on the internet and support it. PBS? NBC? MTV? HBO?

In 2002, we'll see if I'm right.