Welcome to GIGA!

Gav's Imaginary Gallery of Art.

Yeah, okay, it's a lame acronym, but we're all way into acronyms these days, and well, you just try to come up with something, buddy!

Very well, then.

The "imaginary" part means that this isn't really a gallery in a physical location, so it must just be someone's imagination. Mine, yours? Who knows? Anyway, it's just some furious artistic outletting, mostly pre-Nukees stuff. I was in a big fire in 1991 that destroyed a lot of stuff I did in high school, so you'll have to settle for that period between 1993-1995 when I was obsessed with depressed women or something.

Anyway, enjoy.

Today's featured selections:
enya , that soundtrack singer who, like candy, e.e. cummings, and k.d. lang, just can't see fit to abide by the standardized proper noun capitalization rules. I'm not particularly obsessed with spooky movie soundtrack singers or anything--I just drew this because I thought the album cover showed good light and shadow and I was trying to teach myself to draw.

#2 Ticonderoga on 20# computer paper

candy , that self-denying imaginary girl. This was a first excercise in drawing from a live model. But she didn't end up looking so much like the person who was posing for me. Instead, oddly, what I ended up with was candy, an "imaginary" girl from some stories I used to write when I was in high school.

#2 Ticonderoga on some slightly more expensive Utrecht Two-Ply Bristol Medium (Vellum) Surface drawing paper (Or so says the cover sheet).

Natalie , as in Natalie Merchant formerly from 10,000 Maniacs, presently still Natalie Merchant. I used to be really into 10,000 Maniacs. It's a shame Natalie went off on her own and started singing bland, lifeless pop songs. Now I'm into Tori Amos. I should really draw Tori some day... This was a pose from a Rolling Stone cover.

#2 Ticonderoga on 20# computer paper

Ariel, a photograph of Me 'n my mermaid. This is the starboard side of what I painted on my dresser (the port side has The Lorax, which I should photograph and scan some day). Unfortunately, this is a rather badly scanned image. HA HA! Everyone point and laugh at my goofy Flock of Seagulls haircut I had back then!

Acrylic house paint on wooden dresser

Kathleen, just this girl on the internet who doesn't know me. Okay, here's the story: I was bored one day back in 1995, when people weren't as good at protecting their directory structures on the internet, so I was poking around the Vivid Studios* website (I don't remember why I was even there--I think they partnered with Riddler once, which used to be good). Anyway, I came across this unused photo of this girl named Kathleen who worked semi-occasionally for them as a graphic artist. I thought it was a spectacularly engaging photo and it simultaneously enraptured and depressed the hell out of me. I had to draw it. I don't know why. Just looking at her makes me want to cry. She's spectacular. No, Kathleen hasn't seen it. (As far as I know...) I wouldn't want to freak her out.

*Side note: Vivid Studios recently sold their domain name to a porn site. Bizarre the internet world is.

#2 Ticonderoga on that Utrecht paper I mentioned earlier

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