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Okay, so I happen to personally be as visually distinct as any comic strip character. I like my uniqueness. But the question on everyone's lips is, WHO IS MORE CAMEOED? Gavcharacter or Gavartist? Ever since I made my pointy-nosed blue-locked mug public, it's been a real challenge to figure. This page attempts to tally it up and find out. It's a race. Vote for your favorite by cameo or fun art!

NOTE: I haven't yet added Fun Art to this page. I'll be doing so sometime before the heat death of the universe..
Gavartist Gavcharacter
Abused bysitter, though with incorrectly-colored hair, in Mad About U (I'm assuming this is me, though his hair is brown)

On the cover of the January 2007 edition of Comixpedia (not sure if this counts). With my head stuck in a washing machine as part of forum-posted fanart comic of El G oonish Shive called "KeenFans" (whew)!

Short (but blue) haired sysadmin named "Fleuel" in GPF with first unnamed appearance some months before. (3)

Sweet appreciation (and Guinness) by El Goonish Shive and then again in the strip itself, disdainful about the state of physics in that world... and then yet once more in a strip I watched him pencil while at Comic Con. (3)

Loveless by Goats

General obssession on the all-too-cool Gav Shrine(!) by M, who forced Jennifer to doodle at toothpick-point (6!) [NOTE: GavShrine seems to have disappeared from the web].

Highly redundant recurring character in the Schlock Mercenary universe (950,000,000!)

As Gavcharacter's servant in Clan of the Cats (thus completely obliterating the line between real life and fantasy) (5)

In the challenging role of "Kitten #2" during a Sluggy Freelance production and As attractive as Christina Aguilera in a Sluggy Freelance Madlib. Woo!

At a comic convention in Funny Farm

Reference in DeViations and then a year later fully rendered in 3D next to Britney Spears!

A brand name in Blue Canary

Tinkering for several weeks in Framed (7!)

Adlibbed into a position of disturbing authority in Comicollage (3)

As a stressed-out rat in Purple Pussy (and then again -- Where's Gav?) (2).

Running limbo in Fusion D (3)

Reference to me in Narbonic

Cameo in Newshounds

Main character of The Angriest Hippie Geek in the World! (Yes, I'm counting it).

Disgusting Blasphemy at Look What I Brought Home!

Parody on Keenparody (7)

Cameo in Otaku Feh

As he whose attention is impossible to get, in Robot Stories

An entire sector named after me in Amazon Space Rangers

In a picture on the wall in one of the three El Goonish Shive "Filler" strips featuring me, which is a bit annoying, because technically, this cancels out the EGS Gavspottings. But then, John Troutman did the same later, by transforming Gav into a chick in an EGS guest strip.

Globally Dominating in Narbonic (unfortunately, paid subscription required)

Cameo (with me as his servant!) in Clan of the Cats (6)

Cameo--Gav vs. Trudy--in General Protection Fault

Cameo in College Roomies From Hell!!!

Cameo in Sluggy Freelance (also drawn by Ian McDonald of Bruno the Bandit, and also here, and the infamous Gavnuking!

Parodied as "Nuclear Arms" in Black Plague

Cameo (of a cameo!) in Funny Farm


Character in the Keenonball Run

Cameo, among others, in Snail Dust

Halloween Costume in General Protection Fault

Halloween costume in Sporkman

Possible cameo behind Gav at "Scientificon" in "Amazon Space Thrills"

Cameo in Lazy's World

Cameo in Campus Life

Cameo in Drunken Scribblings (Agnostica fight w/ King Luca) Comic pulled from archived by author, but then recameoed in a background "Van Darin Transports" poster a year later (and then again with a "T" in "Trantsport" a few days later) (3).
Total: 24 Total: 17
In addition, other Nukees characters have some degree of popularity, but they fall far behind in the Gav race:
Suzy Gee King Luca Robot Ant Danny
Cameo in Clan of the Cats

Character in the Keenonball Run

Cameo in Freefall

Cameo on Blotto Street

Parody on Keenparody
Cameo in Freefall

Copied by "King Matt" in Only One

Cameo in Drunken Scribblings (Agnostica fight w/ Gav) Comic pulled from archives by author
A, uh, cameo in a comic about cameos Cameo in Clan of the Cats

Character in the Keenonball Run

Parody on Keenparody

Halloween Costume in Funny Farm

Reference as an evil sort of abomination in Help Desk
Anthromoporphized into a squirrel in The Class Menagerie

Cameo in Campus Life
Total: 5 Total: 3 Total: 5 Total: 2
Linus Teri
Cameo in Clan of the Cats

Background cameo (as Maid Teri-N) in Campus Life

Possible cameo behind Gav at "Scientificon" in "Amazon Space Thrills"
Total: 1 Total: 2