Laughing (or not -- you tell me) at my comic strip, Nukees.
Finding out Where in the World was Darren "Gav" Bleuel.
Reading (or adding to) Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story, a choose-your-own-adventure that YOU get to write!
Visiting GIGA , my own private sckETcH-arte gallery. Featuring Kathleen, candy, enya, Natalie, and Ariel!
Perusing Shea and Darren's Beer Critique
Reading some poems I wrote a long time ago, collected together on a little page I like to call Rhyme Thyme.
This option intentionally left blank.
Inside jokes that you won't understand.
Actual Dan Hua Quotes.
The Coke Conspiracy revealed.
My Resumé
Anything remotely related to Nuclear Engineering for which I have had the misfortune of being responsible for creating or maintaining.
My Bookmarks

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