Gee, F.U.N. Art by Maritza Campos

(You can figure out the acronym)

Well, I finally get to make a "Fan Art" section thanks to my friend, Chuck. I've decided to copy the term "Fun Art" from the talented peruvian, Maritza Campos, who draws College Roomies From Hell!!!, if only because I thought that the "N" in F.U.N. would stand for Nukees and the "F.U." in "F.U.N." would stand for the same thing that they stand for in FUBAR, which is also the name of my computer at work (and it is well named, indeed). Maritza, a well-known denizen of upper Sri Lanka, also drew my first "F.U.N. Art" a few days after Chuck's animation prompted me to add a page.

And Gee, here it is:

I think this is a cool drawing by Maritza, (CRFH!!!) which must have been difficult seeing as how she lives on a small oil platform in the middle of the Indian ocean and often can't get art supplies until the next supply drop.