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I finally broke down and made an "external links" page. Aren't you all so very proud of me? Let me explain why it took me so long. Quite frankly, I tend to see the web as consisting of two different kinds of pages, those with content and those that are link lists of pages with related content. I am not interested in the time it would take to maintain a page of the latter, and I feel that if you have such a page, it is your duty to make sure that page is more complete than is humanly possible. So I would never attempt to make a comprehesive "all comics on the web" list. There are many other places that do a better job of that.

The other reason I never made a page like this before is because I am extremely, violently, against link exchanges. Blind link exchanges just clutter up the web. Whenever anyone emailed me before (and often it was automatically-generated spam) asking to exchange links, I could just say, "I don't have a links page." I also find it rude when people maintain link list pages, but insist on you linking back to them in order to be listed on their page. Anyway, it was easier to not have an external links page than to have to say, "I don't like your comic, so I don't want to link to it, but feel free to link to me."

But in the end, I felt that I should share with my audience the webcomics that I like to read and that I think you would like, especially if you are fond of Nukees-like humor. So here it is.

And here are some notes about this page, then:
  • DO NOT ask to be put on this page. I won't.
  • You may ask me to take a look at your comic. I will. I may add you to this page if I like your comic and I think Nukees readers will like your comic. Do not be insulted if I don't add you. This list is not that important.
  • I consider this list to be a content site, not a link list site, and therefore it is not all-encompassing, but I think offers some information on my opinion of quality. As such, if you trust me, then you can be assured that these are good comics and the list has not been tainted with random entries from blind link exchanges, or an attempt to list everything on the web.
  • DO NOT ask to "exchange" links with me. You should've figured that out from the first note.
  • This is a list of comics I like, and I make an effort to add a short review for each one. I don't frankly see the point in a huge list of random comics with no review or description. How would you know which ones sound interesting to you?
  • I add new comics to this list very slowly. This list will start off short and probably stay short. Believe it or not, that's good for you.
  • The order of this list is essentially random. Do not try to make any sense of it, or we will have to send out hired goons to silence your efforts. If you continue, I will probably mix up the order on random occasions.
  • I'm really not this anal in real life. Really.

Oh, and if you were looking for buttons/images to link to Nukees, they can be found on the Nukee Linky Buttons page.

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The Class Menagerie
The Class Menagerie is a fun, engaging strip by Vince Suzukawa, about a bunch of funny anthropomorphized animals in a college dorm setting. The college setting is oddly familiar to me, probably because Vince went to the same college I go to now. (I was here before him and am still here years after he graduated... Sheesh!) I think the strength of The Class Menagerie lies in his well-presented characters and interactions. This is a strip that you will get into and begin to feel like the characters are your friends.

Frequency: Weekly updates on Sundays, about four strips per update
Unhealthy infatuation: Lisa.
Why: Girls need to pounce more.

College Roomies
From Hell!!!

"Situational Comedy" doesn't even come close to describing CRFH!!! by Maritza Campos. This strip is absofreakinlarious, with way-out-there plotlines, deviant personalities, and general oddity. In her own words: "Sunshine! Lollipops! Rainbows!" It's wholesome and kinda nutty and a delicious breakfast treat. The drawing style is cartoony and has great expression, not "crude and squiggly," like you may mistakenly first believe. ;-) Read as much of it as you can. Forgo sleep and food. CRFH!!! just makes me happy to be alive. Maritza hails from mid Burkina Faso, somewhere on the high plains.

Frequency: Daily, color EVERY DAY!
Unhealthy infatuation: April.
Why:I have a thing for blondes. And then there's this

Bob the
Angry Flower

Bob the Angry Flower is my absolute favorite comic strip in existence, and that makes me angry, because it means Nukees has to be only my second favorite. Stephan Notley is a genius and he knows terms like in media res. His style of starting stories in the middle, of absurdist humor, and of making fun of human traits through exaggeration are unsurpassed. A perfect example is the strip, Laz. Instead of making fun of someone who, say, is too lazy to change the TV station when the remote is broken, he gives us this ultimate scenario, 50 times funnier than any other joke on the same subject. The three empty word balloons are the perfect expression of a reaction that is incredibly difficult to portray in a cartoon. Stephan is a guy who has studied humor without killing it. Oh, and he's also a great artist. I only wish the scans weren't all done in bitmapped black and white. I highly suggest reading the annotations, as well. All Hail Bob!

Frequency: Infrequent updates, every few weeks or so
Unhealthy infatuation: Robots.
Why: If you have to ask, you don't understand.

Mark Stanley, who draws "Freefall," is actually a Nukee (Nuclear Engineer, if you haven't figured that out by now) like myself, so it's no wonder I am a big fan of his highly accurate science fiction humor. Mark has the proud distinction of drawing the only cartoon that has actually taught me something I didn't know about my own field of study! (How superconductors work: #215). But this is not a tech-heavy science fiction story. Freefall is funny, plus there's even a little bit of taoist teachings in there as well. The characters, Sam, Florence, and Helix are what make this a great strip. They are perfectly balanced personalities to create endless humorous situations in a sci fi strip the setting of which is a spaceship that so far has not even gotten off the planet. The artwork, I believe, is 100% computer drawn, but does not look like a bunch of ugly pixelated lines. The result is a very cleanly "drawn" strip that adapts very well to colorization, which is being done quite well by Michael Menne.

Frequency: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Unhealthy infatuation: Nuclear Fusion
Why: Who'da thunk there were so many Nukee cartoonists out there?

Absurd Notions
Someone once described "Absurd Notions" as the "Fraiser of comic strips." I disagree. Quite frankly, I think Frasier makes a desperate effort to look like intelligent humor by having intelligent characters, but falls short by relying on old, predictable, stupid jokes. Fraiser is popular, which means everyone understands it, which means it must be pretty stupid humor. Think about it. The average IQ is 100. Think about it.

My supervisor once said, "I think racoons also have an average IQ of 100. The only reason humans have gotten so far is that they have a larger standard deviation." If you didn't understand that, don't bother with this comic strip. You won't get it. Even if you did understand, you still may not get it.

Kevin Pease makes brilliant jokes. You have to think to get some of his jokes, and they are the funniest I've seen. Thousands of humorists in one form or another make millions of jokes a year, and we're all really sharing a few dozen jokes between us. Someone's got to do them the best. Kevin has the unique talent of taking average jokes (sometimes totally predictable even), but presenting them in the funniest way possible, which to me means that the joke should never be made again. That means he's using up jokes, which means he must be stopped!

To be fair, not all of his jokes hit the clown on the nose. Some have been known to fall flat. But when he's on, you will embarrass yourself by laughing out loud in your workplace, where you were reading comics when everyone thought you were playing minesweeper.

Succintly put, if you've ever yelled at your television during prime time, "You IDIOTS! Don't EXPLAIN THE JOKE! YOU'RE RUINING IT!" then you will love Absurd Notions. I yell that at least once a night. I have never thought, "You know, Kevin, that would've been funnier if you'd have done it like this..."

Update: I just noticed that Kevin used my quote above in a link graphic, which I think is really awesome:

Frequency: Every other day (with large color Sundays)
Unhealthy infatuation: That freaky-ass Santa!
Why: Just LOOK!