Nuclear Burn Raffle!

Help Darren be not a freeloader at Burning Man by entering a raffle where everyone wins!

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Nuclear Burn Raffle!

And the winner is...

Sorry Mom, don't get too excited about the photo. The actual winner was:

Jason Bryant

a.k.a. "CodeGuy"

Here's the story: At noon today, I generated a random number with the official Nuclear Burn HP32S calculator, multiplied by the number of raffle tickets bought (which I thought was 21), and rounded off, and lo and behold, if it didn't point to my own dear mother as the winner! I thought it was the funniest thing ever, and even made the graphic at right to commemorate the event.

Unfortunately for Mom, I then realized my mistake. I was only looking at the last week's worth of payments, which cut out the people who entered on the first day. So, I took the original random number and recalculated the actual winner, and it was CodeGuy. The total number of tickets bought was actually 26 (from 15 people).

But, I've decided to let my Mom present the award to CodeGuy. so the image isn't wasted. Go Mom!

The funny thing is that at first, I was a little upset that my Mom appeared to have won, thinking, "Oh come on, she's collected all kinds of my stuff over the years... let one of my other fans have a chance!" Then, when I discovered the error, I was even more disappointed. I mean, it was just too cute that my Mom even entered the thing, nevermind seemed to have won.

Then it occured to me: Sure, my Mom has a greater opportunity to collect artwork from me, but have I ever drawn anything for her? Bad son! So I think the only fair thing is to give my Mom an unofficial runner-up prize and sketch up a little "slightly less effort" drawing for her, too, while in the desert.

Go Mom!

Thanks once again to all that entered. You will all be receiving your wallpaper and hi-res copy of the artwork after Labor Day.


So I'm going to Burning Man this year, with a hot blonde nuclear chemist girl. We're going to be staying in a camp known as "Get Lost" with some chemist friends of hers. They have been kind enough to let me join, despite offering nothing to their grand fire-beathing pieces of artwork, their supplies, their "art car," their "high sound" equipment (translation: remember to bring earplugs). In other words, I'm a total freeloader.

Well, help me change all that! I've decided to help raise money for their camp by holding a Nuclear Burn Raffle! And everyone gets a prize!

While at Burning Man, I'll be drawing a desktop wallpaper/print of members of the Nukees' crew at Burning Man. I plan to spend at least 3-4 hours drawing it, and another few hours colorizing it. You can buy a high resolution copy of this full-color piece for $5, suitable for display as a wallpaper on your desktop or for printing and display on your real wall. And your purchase enters you into a raffle to win the original black and white drawing!

What will this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork look like? Who can know? I won't know until I get there. But you can imagine it'll be good. After all, you may remember Gav's "Danny Trap" in which it appears he was constructing a life-sized mousetrap game? Well, as an example of what goes on at Burning Man, last year a group actually built such a thing! It's an engineer's dream!

Thus, my artwork is likely to be inspired by the most intriguing piece of engineering marvel that I witness at said event. Perhaps with Gav stealing it, or Danny "improving" it, or whatnot. Let your imagination run wild!

You can enter the raffle as often as you wish, but you'll only get one high-res wallpaper. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the "Get Lost" camp for their direct use in creating flaming works of art.


Raffle will be open for only one week so buy your wallpaper/tickets now!

The last day to enter will be Monday, August 7. Depending on how much money this raises, I may opt to sell additional "lesser" pieces by auction or at fixed rates as well. However, my major effort will be spent on this particular piece. As you may know, I never normally have any free time to create original art for sale, so this is really a once-in-a-decade type of opportunity.

Winner will be notified by email (so make sure yours is correct). Winner will be annouced publicly on August 8. Prize will be awarded upon completion by Darren, soon after Labor Day (which is the last day of Burning Man).